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Folding of the cortex and the persistence of radial glia (RG)-like cells called Bergmann glia (BG) are hallmarks of the mammalian cerebellum. Similar to basal RG in the embryonic neocortex, BG maintain only basal processes and continuously express neural stem cell markers. Past studies had focused on the function of BG in granule cell migration and how(More)
In order to develop evidence-based rehabilitation protocols post-stroke, one must first reconcile the vast heterogeneity in the post-stroke population and develop protocols to facilitate motor learning in the various subgroups. The main purpose of this study is to show that auditory constraints interact with the stage of recovery post-stroke to influence(More)
Neural crest (NC) cells arise early in vertebrate development, migrate extensively and contribute to a diverse array of ectodermal and mesenchymal derivatives. Previous models of NC formation suggested derivation from neuralized ectoderm, via meso-ectodermal, or neural-non-neural ectoderm interactions. Recent studies using bird and amphibian embryos suggest(More)
A numerical analysis will be performed to study the convective heat transfer on the warm side of fenestration systems. Projecting products, which are fenestration systems that protrude significantly from the wall, will be the principal focus of this research. A detailed numerical simulation will be carried out for a research specimen, a foam garden window,(More)
We saw in Lecture 16 that B-trees allow us to perform efficient search and insert operations and minimize the number of memory transfers from external storage. But how do we minimize the number of memory transfers if we are given not only the elements in the tree, but the tree's topology also? More specifically, suppose we are given a linear piece of(More)
In the first part, we present a family of entanglement purification protocols that generalize four previous methods, namely the recurrence method, the modified recurrence method, and the two methods proposed by Maneva-Smolin and Leung-Shor. We will show that this family of protocols have improved yields over a wide range of initial fidelities F, and hence(More)
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