Alan Vitrey

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In this work we discuss the excitation of parallel collective resonances in arrays of gold nanoparticles. Parallel collective resonances result from the coupling of the nanoparticles localized surface plasmons with diffraction orders traveling in the direction parallel to the polarization vector. While they provide field enhancement and delocalization as(More)
Electrical contacts on the top surface of solar cells and light emitting diodes cause shadow losses. The phenomenon of extraordinary optical transmission through arrays of subwavelength holes suggests the possibility of engineering such contacts to reduce the shadow using plasmonics, but resonance effects occur only at specific wavelengths. Here we describe(More)
The fabrication of black-gold coatings using sputtering is reported here. Glancing angle deposition with a rotating substrate is needed to obtain vertical nanostructures. Enhanced light absorption is obtained in the samples prepared in the ballistic regime with high tilt angles. Under these conditions the diameter distribution of the nanostructures is(More)
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