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Islamic Law and the Crisis of the Reconquista: The Debate on the Status of Muslim Communities in Christendom
In Islamic Law and the Crisis of the Reconquista , Alan Verskin examines the efforts of Islamic jurists to articulate a new law which would address the predicament of Muslims living under Christian
Medieval Jewish Perspectives on Almohad Persecutions: Memory, Repression and Impact
  • Alan Verskin
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    Forced Conversion in Christianity, Judaism and…
  • 17 October 2019
1 The Concept of Hijra (Migration) in Medieval Iberia and the Maghrib
During the late Almoravid period, a number of Mālikī jurists in Iberia and the Maghrib began to invoke the Qurʾānic concept of hijra (migration) in order to encourage Muslims to migrate from
3 Life, Family and Property in the Abode of War
We have now seen several examples of changes to Islamic law occurring as a result of the political and social pressures brought about by the Reconquista. This chapter focuses on such changes which