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Lipid and lipoprotein concentrations, including lipoprotein (a), were measured in 67 clinically stable renal allograft recipients and compared with age- and sex-matched controls. Median lipoprotein (a) concentrations were significantly elevated in the transplant group (P = 0.048), with the distribution of apoprotein (a) isoforms being similar between the(More)
A large cohort of patients on renal replacement therapy were screened for the presence of symptomatic arterial disease affecting the coronary, cerebral or peripheral circulations. Ninety-two of 325 patients were found to have vascular disease. Those with vascular disease had significantly higher median lipoprotein(a) [Lp(a)] levels than those without (38.4(More)
Lipoprotein (a) concentrations and apoprotein (a) isoforms were measured in 99 haemodialysis and 79 peritoneal dialysis patients and compared with a normal population. Peritoneal dialysis patients demonstrated a threefold and haemodialysis a twofold increase in median Lp(a) values compared to controls (P < or = 0.001). The peritoneal dialysis group had(More)
Lipoprotein (a) [Lp(a)] is an independent atherogenic risk factor. Lp(a) levels are elevated in patients on renal replacement therapy (RRT). This study looked at the effect of change of RRT on serum lipid and Lp(a) levels. Three groups were identified: (1) patients on dialysis who were transplanted; (2) those who had lost their transplants through(More)