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This paper describes the design, implementation and assessment of PsychE, psychomotor evaluation system. Six standard tests are included: numeric vigilance, a dual task, probed memory recall, simple reaction time, choice reaction time and semantic long-term memory. The test presentations are described in detail. Practice effects were assessed in 10 healthy(More)
Four portable carbon dioxide monitors were assessed by a mobile intensive therapy team during interhospital transfer of critically ill patients. Particular attention was paid to practical considerations such as size, battery life and ease of use. All the monitors performed well in terms of accuracy but problems with size and battery life made some less(More)
The hospital mortality prediction algorithm from the Riyadh Intensive Care Program was assessed in 617 general intensive care unit patients and the results were compared with APACHE II admission scoring. Of the 119 patients predicted to die by the Riyadh Intensive Care Program, 24 (20.2%) recovered sufficiently to be discharged home. The overall(More)
We have examined the correlation between serum concentrations of catecholamines and the evoked electromyographic (EEMG) response from the first dorsal interosseous muscle of the hand in 20 patients during minor surgery under propofol or enflurane anaesthesia without neuromuscular blocking drugs. The supinated forearm, with the wrist fully extended, was(More)
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