Alan T. H. Lau

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The apparent body clearance of chloramphenicol was investigated in 21 hospitalized adult patients on 27 occasions. Apparent body clearance was found to be significantly lower (1.99 +/- 1.49 ml/min per kg) in patients with total serum bilirubin concentrations of >1.5 mg/100 ml than in patients with serum bilirubin concentrations of </=1.5 mg/100 ml (3.57 +/-(More)
Metronidazole was first introduced for the treatment of trichomoniasis. Its therapeutic use has subsequently been expanded to include amoebiasis, giardiasis and, more recently, anaerobic infections. Most of the early pharmacokinetic studies employed nonspecific assays such as microbiological and chemical assays. These assays were not able to differentiate(More)
Many patients with end-stage renal disease are treated with a complex pharmacotherapeutic regimen that requires constant and thorough monitoring. The role of a clinical pharmacist in contributing to the care of patients receiving long-term hemodialysis in an outpatient dialysis unit was assessed. Therapeutic interventions provided routinely by the clinical(More)
The Smye method has been proposed to estimate the equilibrated post-dialysis BUN based on an additional intradialytic sample obtained approximately one hour into dialysis. However, the effects of access recirculation (AR) and cardiopulmonary recirculation (CPR) on the Smye computation and the corresponding details of how blood is sampled have not been(More)
Pneumatic microvalves are widely used key components for automating liquid manipulation and flow control in microfluidics for more than one decade. Due to their robust operations and the ease of fabrication, tremendous microfluidic systems have been developed with the multiple microvalves for higher throughput and extended functionalities. Therefore,(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the pharmacy profession and the education programs available to train pharmacists in the People's Republic of China (PRC). The practice of pharmacy in the hospital setting and the current development of clinical services are also described. BACKGROUND There are two streams of medical practices in the PRC: traditional Chinese medicine(More)
Continuous arteriovenous hemofiltration (CAVH) is being used increasingly in pediatric patients with acute renal failure and/or other fluid and electrolyte imbalances. At times, vancomycin may be concurrently given for sepsis therapy. We evaluated the removal of vancomycin by CAVH in a 15-month-old male child with renal failure who was receiving the drug(More)
PURPOSE The efficacy of the vitamin D analog paricalcitol has mainly been shown in short-term studies. There are limited data regarding long-term treatment with this agent. This purpose of this study was to determine long-term effects of paricalcitol therapy on parathyroid hormone (PTH) suppression and serum levels of calcium, phosphorus and(More)
Diuretic drugs have been reported to alter the glomerular filtration rate and possibly the creatinine excretion by the kidneys. We evaluated the effects of single doses of diuretic drugs on creatinine clearance determination. Ten healthy volunteers were randomized to receive either oral hydrochlorothiazide, oral furosemide, intravenous furosemide, or no(More)