Alan T. Burns

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The existence of an ordinal measure already exists and is well justified, but a modest extension of the consensus formula permits Likert scale data to be assessed with respect to a predetermined value, and the results used for comparisons and trajectories. The new measure, called the strength of consensus, is a modification of both the Shannon entropy, an(More)
Poly-γ-glutamic acid (γ-PGA) is a naturally occurring polymer, which due to its biodegradable, non-toxic and non-immunogenic properties has been used successfully in the food, medical and wastewater industries. A major hurdle in bacteriophage application is the inability of phage to persist for extended periods in the environment due to their susceptibility(More)
Hodgkin's lymphoma is one of the most common lymphoid cancers, particularly among young adults. Although there have been dramatic improvements in the treatment of Hodgkin's lymphoma, leading to high cure rates in some groups, current combination chemotherapy regimes are associated with significant secondary complications in long-term survivors. Furthermore,(More)
The literature on learning in new product development (NPD) documents the processes globally but is short on specifics. Knowledge levels are not clearly conceptualized, nor are there clear devices for documenting knowledge transfers in terms of knowledge levels. This paper presents the methods of a qualitative research approach for measuring knowledge(More)
1. Status of the Standard Jim Moore, the convener for WG9, described the formal process that is being used to update the Ada language standard. By way of background, WG9 is one of many Working Groups under SC22 (Languages and Operating Systems), which is one of several subcommittees under JTC1, which is the single Technical Committee jointly managed by both(More)
In its current state of early development, the field of knowledge management (KM) is increasingly characterized by a small number of recurrent dichotomies. Chief among these is the distinction between tacit and explicit knowledge that Nonaka and others seem to have borrowed from Polanyi's educational theory. The reverence this dichotomy is now accorded is(More)
Object-oriented programming has become a mainstay of computing curricula over the last decade. Although its industrial promise for improving productivity, particularly by way of enabling extensive reuse, has propelled it to an essential status, it is usually taught in a vacuum of little or no effective modeling theory or practice. In this paper we argue(More)
Purpose – This research seeks to explore the transfer and sharing of knowledge in entrepreneurial product development (EPD). Design/methodology/approach – The effects of organizational complexity and of the temporal locus of learning on knowledge sharing are closely examined through a qualitative case study of four projects in a mid-size manufacturing firm.(More)
Personal Knowledge Management helps users in retrieving, evaluating, organizing, collaborating, analyzing, presenting and securing information and ideas. Social Semantic Desktop seeks to be a comprehensive solution for helping knowledge workers in PKM. In this paper evaluate NEPOMUK, the social semantic desktop against features of a PKM framework. We(More)