Alan Stanton Deakin

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A model for the growth of a tumor by diffusion is considered for spheroids which are grown in a normal medium in suspension culture. The experimental evidence indicates that, upon the onset of necrosis in the centre of the spheroid, the viable rim thickness decreases relatively slowly. This evidence contradicts the results of the usual model in which the(More)
A convertible bond is defined to be (e.g., Jorion [10]) a bond issued by a corporation that can be converted into the equity of that corporation at certain times using a predetermined exchange ratio. This entails the creation of new shares issued by the corporation if and when conversion occurs, and the existing shares are diluted by the creation of the new(More)
There is a need to go beyond the narrow resonance approximation for QCD sum-rule channels which are likely to exhibit sensitivity to broad resonance structures. We first discuss how the first two Laplace sum rules are altered when one goes beyond the narrow resonance approximation to include possible subcontinuum resonances with nonzero widths. We then show(More)
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