Alan Solon Ivor Zinober

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This paper studies higher order sliding-mode-control laws to deal with some spacecraft-attitude-tracking problems. Quasi-continuous second- and third-order sliding controllers and differentiators are applied to quaternion-based spacecraft-attitude-tracking maneuvers. A class of linear sliding manifolds is selected as a function of angular velocities and(More)
Two fundamental modelling problems in nonlinear discrete-time control systems are studied using the language of di!erential forms. The discrete-time nonlinear single-input single-output systems to be studied are described by input}output (i/o) di!erence equations, i.e. a high order di!erence equation relating the input, the output and a "nite number of(More)
Nonminimum phase tracking control is studied for boost and buck-boost power converters. The sliding mode controller is designed to track directly a causal voltage tracking pro2le given by an exogenous system. The nonminimum phase output tracking problem is reduced to a state tracking problem. Bounded state tracking pro2les are generated by equations of(More)
This paper presents sufficient conditions for the sliding mode control of a system with disturbance input. The behaviour of the sliding dynamics in the presence of unmatched uncertainty is also studied. When a certain sufficient condition on the gain feedback matrix of the discontinuous controller and the disturbance bound holds, then the disturbance does(More)
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Modulated feedback control introduces periodicity. The global attracting property of the periodic points is established for a simple scalar discrete-time system under ∆-modulated feedback. Attracting regions of the periodic points are also characterized. When the discretization effects of the equivalent control based sliding mode control systems are(More)
This paper studies two optimal sliding mode control laws using integral sliding mode control (ISM) for some spacecraft attitude tracking problems. Integral sliding mode control combining the first order sliding mode and optimal control is applied to quaternion-based spacecraft attitude tracking manoeuvres with external disturbances and an uncertainty(More)
The -modulated control of a single input, discrete time, linear stable system is investigated. The modulation direction is given by where 0 is a given, otherwise arbitrary, vector. We obtain necessary and sufficient conditions for the existence of periodic points of a finite order. Some concrete results about the existence of a certain order of periodic(More)