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Proline-rich antimicrobial peptides (PrAMPs) produced as part of the innate immune response of animals, insects and plants represent a vast, untapped resource for the treatment of multidrug-resistant bacterial infections. PrAMPs such as oncocin or bactenecin-7 (Bac7) interact with the bacterial ribosome to inhibit translation, but their supposed specificity(More)
This thesis proposes a method for the single-sensor enhancement of speech that has been corrupted by additive broadband noise. The method is based on a technique known as Sinusoidal Analysis-Synthesis (SAS) and involves two steps. First, sinusoidal tracks relevant to the speech alone are extracted from the short-time spectrum of the corrupted speech.(More)
Introduction The field of Digital Signal Processing grew out of the flexibility afforded by the use of digital computers in implementing signal processing algorithms and systems. It has since broadened into the use of a variety of both digital and analog technologies, spanning a broad range of applications, bandwidths, and realizations. The Digital Signal(More)
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