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The design, characteristics, and first test flight results are described of the Portable Remote Imaging Spectrometer, an airborne sensor specifically designed to address the challenges of coastal ocean remote sensing. The sensor incorporates several technologies that are demonstrated for the first time, to the best of our knowledge, in a working system in(More)
Specialized software systems have played a crucial role throughout the twenty-five year course of the development of the new technology of imaging spectroscopy, or hyperspectral remote sensing. By their very nature, hyperspectral data place unique and demanding requirements on the computer software used to visualize, analyze, process and interpret them.(More)
Traditional hypercube programming has three main characteristics. Most is done in a compiled language, FORTRAN or C, directly for the hypercube architecture and usually, one particular hypercube operating system. Secondly, algorithms have had very symmetrical decompositions; each node does essentially the same thing as other nodes. Similarly, data(More)