Alan S. Kwok

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In this study, we explore mobility in a cluttered, uneven and dynamic environment where collisions are inevitable. In particular, we study a mobile robot’s ability to precisely track a planned path on an inclined surface, then respond to unknown collisions by using force compliance and estimation of the obstacle’s surface normal. In addition, once the(More)
In order to make unintentional physical interaction with robots safer for humans, we consider compliant control of an omnidirectional wheeled base. In this paper we present a fully holonomic mobile robot system which achieves compliant motion via force control, improving over previous pseudo-omnidirectional mobile systems by being fully omnidirectional. We(More)
Robotics is a growing field that has received tremendous support and focus in recent years. Backed by government and industry interests, robots now have the potential to move beyond traditional manufacturing setting into human-centered environments. Therefore, safety emerges as one of the most fundamental requirements in designing Human-Centered Robots(More)
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