Alan S. Berson

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The Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation develops voluntary standards for medical devices so that manufacturers might provide information on their product and basic safety and performance criteria that should be considered in qualifying the instrument for clinical use. American national standards are generated through a consensus(More)
An electrocardiographic computer program based on multivariate analysis of orthogonal leads (Frank) was applied to records transmitted daily by telephone from the Veterans Administration Hospital, West Roxbury, Mass., to the Veterans Administration Hospital, Washington, D. C. A Bayesian classification procedure was used to compute probabilities for all(More)
The ability of high-resolution ultrasound, angiography, and pathologic examination of endarterectomy specimens to identify and quantitate atherosclerosis was compared in a five-center study. The carotid bifurcation in 900 patients was evaluated by angiography and ultrasound. In 216 cases, high-quality endarterectomy specimens were available for comparison(More)
This editorial is a follow-up to a 1994 editorial 1 by the same authors with the same title. The 1994 editorial emphasized that revised national standards, which relaxed the maximum allowable current that may be delivered to patients by electromedical equipment, presented unnecessary hazards to patients with indwelling catheters, and it described the need(More)