Alan S. Abrahams

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The <sc>Edee</sc> architecture provides a mechanism for explicitly and uniformly capturing business occurrences, and provisions of contracts, policies, and law. <sc>Edee</sc> is able to reason about the interactions of intra-, inter-, and extra-organizational policy, and execute business procedures informed by the combined legal effects of these diverse(More)
The Edee system provides a framework through which businesses may store the data pertaining to business events, contracts and organizational policies, within a single repository using the unifying notion of an occurrence. A collection of stored queries (cf. SQL views) is maintained. Each query describes the occurrences promised and prohibited under the(More)
We introduce our framework for logic-based composi-tional e-commerce interaction. We aim to provide open-source software which adds a lightweight formal messag-ing layer to business communications, to increase the accessibility of e-commerce infrastructure to smaller business players. In the process we hope to develop a comprehensive theory of business(More)
Online communities have become popular knowledge sources for both individuals and organizations. Computer-mediated communication research shows that communication patterns play an important role in the collaborative efforts of online knowledge-sharing activities. Existing research is mainly focused on either user egocentric positions in communication(More)