Alan S. Abrahams

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Active, experiential learning is an important component in information systems education, ensuring that students gain an appreciation for both practical and theoretical information systems concepts. Typically, students in active, experiential classes engage in real world projects for commercial companies or not-for-profit organizations. In the latter case,(More)
This paper proposes a framework for cost-sensitive classification under a generalized cost function. By combining decision trees with sequential binary programming, we can handle unequal misclassification costs, constrained classification, and complex objective functions that other methods cannot. Our approach has two main contributions. First, it provides(More)
The <sc>Edee</sc> architecture provides a mechanism for explicitly and uniformly capturing business occurrences, and provisions of contracts, policies, and law. <sc>Edee</sc> is able to reason about the interactions of intra-, inter-, and extra-organizational policy, and execute business procedures informed by the combined legal effects of these diverse(More)