Alan Rubin

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This paper demonstrates a multivariate approach to understanding the complicated relations of visual acuity to refractive state or ametropia. Other approaches, as previously used, included graphical representations of lines or profiles of iso-oxyopia (Peters, 1961). But one limitation of Peters' method is that cylinder axis was ignored. However, here the(More)
Bromodomain and extra terminal protein (BET) inhibitors are first-in-class targeted therapies that deliver a new therapeutic opportunity by directly targeting bromodomain proteins that bind acetylated chromatin marks. Early clinical trials have shown promise, especially in acute myeloid leukaemia, and therefore the evaluation of resistance mechanisms is(More)
Sjöblom et al. (Research Article, 13 October 2006, p. 268) reported many new genes with an apparent significant excess of mutations in breast and colorectal cancer. Reanalysis of their data with more appropriate statistical methods and background mutation rate assumptions reveals that few if any of these genes have significantly elevated mutation rates.
The refractive variation of a sample of 106 university students (63 females and 43 males) studying optometry was examined by means of autorefraction. Stereo-pair scatter plots in Euclidean three-dimensional h-space are used to illustrate the nature of the spread or distribution of data measurements found in particular subjects. A wide variety of different(More)
Measuring the functional consequences of protein variants can reveal how a protein works or help unlock the meaning of an individual's genome. Deep mutational scanning is a widely used method for multiplex measurement of the functional consequences of protein variants. A major limitation of this method has been the lack of a common analysis framework. We(More)
PURPOSE Despite most modern colour spaces treating colour as three-dimensional (3-D), colour data is usually not visualised in 3-D (and two-dimensional (2-D) projection-plane segments and multiple 2-D perspective views are used instead). The objectives of this article are firstly, to introduce a truly 3-D percept of colour space using stereo-pairs, secondly(More)
Digital recruitment is increasingly becoming a popular avenue for identifying human subjects for various studies. The process starts with an online ad that describes the task and explains expectations. As social media has exploded in popularity, efforts are being made to use social media advertisement for various recruitment purposes. There are, however,(More)
  • Lynn Barnett, Ossie Hanauer, Dave Johnson, Sharon Johnson, Nan Ottenritter, Mary Prentice We +11 others
  • 2012
The American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) is the primary advocacy organization for the nation's community colleges. The association represents 1,200 two-year, associate degree– granting institutions and 11 million students. AACC promotes community colleges through six strategic action areas: national and international recognition and advocacy,(More)