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The influence of habitat, season and tidal regime in the activity of the intertidal crab Neohelice (=Chasmagnathus) granulata
The activity pattern of intertidal crabs is influenced by factors that usually change rhythmically following tidal and/or diel cycles, and is often associated with the use of refuges. The movementExpand
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Modeling future trends in wetland loss and brown shrimp production in Louisiana using thematic mapper imagery
Abstract The land-water interface of coastal marshes may influence the production of estuarine-dependent fisheries more than the area of these marshes. To test this hypothesis, we created a spatialExpand
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New challenges for documentary
Spend your time even for only few minutes to read a book. Reading a book will never reduce and waste your time to be useless. Reading, for some people become a need that is to do every day such asExpand
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Drawing the Line: Legislative Ethics in the States
"This book should be must reading for every state lawmaker in the country - and for those who seek to influence those lawmakers as well. State ethics codes are a crazyquilt of solutions - some veryExpand
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Engines of democracy : politics & policymaking in state legislatures
State legislators have often been in the shadow of their national counterparts, but they drive the processes of democracy. Rosenthal brings together a lifetime of research and experience on stateExpand
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Marriage promotion and missing men: African American women in a demographic double bind.
Since 1996, state legislators, members of the U.S. Congress, and more recently President George W. Bush, have called for the protection of monogamous, heterosexual marriage and the promotion ofExpand
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Writing, Directing, and Producing Documentary Films and Videos
As Alan Rosenthal states in the preface to this new edition of his acclaimed resource for filmmakers, "Writing, Directing, and Producing Documentary Films and Videos" is "a book about storytelling -Expand
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The Decline of Representative Democracy: Process, Participation, and Power in State Legislatures
Based on the author's first-hand observation of legislatures and extensive interviews conducted for this book, The Decline of Representative Democracy describes and analyzes the contemporary state ofExpand
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State Legislative Development: Observations from Three Perspectives
Political scientists have viewed modern state legislatures from three perspectives: legislative reform in the 1960s and 1970s, legislative professionalization in the 1980s, and most recentlyExpand
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Fibroblast growth factor 2 regulation of mitral valve interstitial cell repair in vitro.
OBJECTIVE Because elongated mitral valve interstitial cells have features of myofibroblasts, it is likely that these cells are essential for the repair of injured valve leaflets. We characterized theExpand
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