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In evaluating the energy-generation potential of a photovoltaic (PV) energy system, the system is usually assumed to work without interruptions over its entire life. PV energy systems are fairly reliable, but as any complex system, they may fail. In PV systems, the inverter is responsible for the majority of failures, and most inverter failures are blamed(More)
Evaporated metal back surface reflectors have been shown to yield high values of internal rear reflectance, and are particularly effective when combined with a thin dielectric layer between the silicon and the metal. However, evaporated metals are not compatible with low-cost solar cell fabrication processes and generally do not scatter light well,(More)
In this paper we report on the impact of mc-Si wafer thickness on efficiency. We have obtained 16.8%, 16.4%, 16.2% and 15.7% efficient screen printed 4 cm<sup>2</sup> solar cells on 280 mum, 170 mum, 140 mum and 115 mum thick cast mc-Si respectively. Analysis of these cells showed that the efficiency of the 115 mum thick cell is limited by a BSRV of 750(More)
Forecasting of the manufacturing cost of PV modules is governed by a large number of uncertain factors. Cost estimates are frequently based upon imperfect information and, as a result, may not be perfectly accurate. Existing studies of these uncertainties focus on the sensitivity of the manufacturing cost to individual cost inputs, examining the effects of(More)
Silicon carbon nitride (SiC<inf>x</inf>N<inf>y</inf>) antireflection (AR) coating layer has been coated using a novel silane-free processs and aparatus for a solid source developed at SiXtron Advanced Materials to eliminate the storage and handling of dangerous pyrophoric silane gas. The electrical and optical properties of the new AR coating layer are(More)
The cost of energy produced by a photovoltaic system is dependent upon the amount of energy produced by the system and the amortized cost of the system’s components. Existing simulation tools either use crude estimators of system reliability or ignore the effects of system downtime on energy production altogether. Furthermore, the costs associated with(More)
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