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A single mid-cycle blood sample was obtained from 15 premenopausal female patients presenting with lifelong absence of sexual drive and from a control group of women with intact sexual drive. Serum levels of testosterone, 5-dihydrotestosterone (5-DHT), 17 beta oestradiol, sex hormone binding globulin, and prolactin were measured and indices of free(More)
The diagnostic register and case summaries of all male and female patients who attended the clinic on account of one or more sexual symptoms or relationship problems between 1 January 1992 and 31 December 1997 were reviewed. The index symptom or problem was considered the complaint that caused the patient most concern. When patients or couples were(More)
INTRODUCTION The Erectile Dysfunction Observational Study (EDOS) is a 6-month, pan-European prospective, observational study of health outcomes designed to assess patients' profiles and characteristics and the effectiveness of erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment in routine clinical practice. AIM To present baseline characteristics and treatment-seeking(More)
This paper presents the results of a prospective controlled study evaluating a programme of directed masturbation against a combined sensate focus and supportive psychotherapeutic approach in the management of female primary orgasmic failure. Of the 20 patients who followed the masturbation programme 90 per cent gained orgasmic capacity compared with 53 per(More)
Factors that influence the number of sexual intercourse attempts among men with erectile dysfunction (ED) before initiation of ED treatment were investigated in a population of 4998 men enrolled in the (Erectile Dysfunctions) Observation Study (EDOS). Our results showed that increasing age, increasing severity and duration of ED, and decreasing satisfaction(More)
1 The effect of a single oral dose of labetalol (100 mg), propranolol (80 mg) and placebo on the pressor response to sexual autostimulation has been studied in six female volunteers. 2 Labetalol but not propranolol significantly reduced the increase in blood pressure that occurred at orgasm. 3 The subjective features of the sexual response were assessed by(More)
Premature ejaculation (PE) is a common problem, the treatment of which has received an increasing interest in recent years. Traditional management continues to be psychotherapy, with techniques such as the 'squeeze' and 'stop-start' most commonly employed. The application of local anaesthetics to the glans to delay ejaculation, first described over 60 years(More)
Immunotoxicity is defined as the adverse effects of foreign substances (xenobiotics) on the immune system. Two types of effects are possible: immunosuppression (which may result in an increased susceptibility to infection or to the development of tumours) and immunopotentiation (which may manifest as an allergy or as autoimmunity). There is, as yet, little(More)