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Digital Forensics, Security and Law, ISSN 1558-7215. Permission to make digital or printed copies of all or any part of this paper is granted without fee for personal or classroom use only and provided that such copies are not made or distributed for profit or commercial use. All copies must be accompanied by this copyright notice and a full citation.(More)
The Community Health Information System (CHIS) is an integrated, patient-centric, web-based application that assists all stakeholders in healthcare management. CHIS is a single sign-on portal that allows users to query an immense interconnected database of medical research, healthcare providers, regulations, nurses and physicians. A three member faculty(More)
INTRODUCTION Symbiotic data mining is an evolutionary approach to how organizations analyze, interpret, and create new knowledge from large pools of data. Symbiotic data miners are trained business and technical professionals skilled in applying complex data-mining techniques and business intelligence tools to challenges in a dynamic business environment.
Unless otherwise noted, projects listed here were completed within the fiscal year. Additional information is available in the body of the Annual Report. Continuity of E-Government Letter sent to the federal Chief Information Officer and other agency CIOs on the need to plan for providing electronic government information and services in times of natural(More)