Alan R. T. Spencer

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We document a new species of ovulate cone (Pararaucaria collinsonae) on the basis of silicified fossils from the Late Jurassic Purbeck Limestone Group of southern England (Tithonian Stage: ca. 145 million years). Our description principally relies on the anatomy of the ovuliferous scales, revealed through X-ray synchrotron microtomography (SRXMT) performed(More)
Spiders are an important animal group, with a long history. Details of their origins remain limited, with little knowledge of their stem group, and no insights into the sequence of character acquisition during spider evolution. We describe a new fossil arachnid, Idmonarachne brasierigen. et sp. nov. from the Late Carboniferous (Stephanian,ca 305-299 Ma) of(More)
In recent years, a number of leading international car manufacturers have established assembly facilities in Russia. The purpose of this paper is to assess how the entry of a large number of foreign car manufacturers can assist the emergence of a viable automotive industry in the Russian Federation, given their initially relatively small scale and focus on(More)
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