Alan R. Feuer

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The languages C andPASCAL are growing m popularity, particularly among programmers of small computers In thin paper we summarize and compare the two languages covering their design phflosophms, their handhng of data types, the programming facflltms they provide, the impact of these facflltms on the quality of programs, and how useful the facilities are for(More)
1. The types of low and high in the PASCAL BinarySearch function are incorrect (page 78). This may cause a run-t ime error. If you consider what happens if the i tem that is being searched for is ei ther less than the first e lement or greater than the last e lement in the table, you can see tha t low varies over the range 1 . . max + 1, and high varies(More)
While Prolog has proven useful for writing programs in a variety of domains, it suffers from its lack of support for modularity, particularly for building libraries of routines and data. This paper points out some problems with standard Prolog that make libraries inconvenient. It then describes a solution to those problems based on the concepts of modules(More)
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