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The effects of a cutaneous imperative stimulus trigger cue (sural nerve stimulation) versus visual cuing of rapid step initiation were assessed in young, healthy subjects (n = 18). Two sets of experiments were conducted in which the vertical ground reaction force and EMG in tibialis anterior (TA) and gluteus medius (GM) were recorded in nine subjects and(More)
This paper presents a method to extract salient features from sensory-motor sequences for mobile robot navigation via teleoperation. Salient feature extraction consists of three steps: teleoperation, offline association, and evaluation. First, the mobile robot is teleoperated in an environment along a path several times. All sensory data and motor drive(More)
Automatically identifying objects and people left in the interior of vehicles is highly desirable because human monitoring has high running costs and low efficiency associated with it. A new Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) system currently being designed by Advanced Transport Systems Ltd (ATS) features many autonomous vehicles and therefore the task is of(More)
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