Alan O'Donnell

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BACKGROUND Systems level modeling of functional magnetic resonance imaging data has demonstrated dysfunction of several large-scale brain networks in schizophrenia. Anomalies across multiple functional networks associated with schizophrenia could be due to diffuse pathology across multiple networks or, alternatively, dysfunction at converging control(s)(More)
Consumers are becoming increasingly health conscious, and food product choices have expanded. Choices in the dairy case include fluid milk labeled according to production management practices. Such labeling practices may be misunderstood and perceived by consumers to reflect differences in the quality or nutritional content of milk. Our objective was to(More)
Very long chain n-3 fatty acids such as eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA; 20:5n-3) are important in human cardiac health and the prevention of chronic diseases, but food sources are limited. Stearidonic acid (SDA; 18:4n-3) is an n-3 fatty acid that humans are able to convert to EPA. In utilizing SDA-enhanced soybean oil (SBO) derived from genetically modified(More)
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