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OBJECTIVE To measure communication loads on clinical staff in an acute clinical setting, and to describe the pattern of informal and formal communication events, Australia. DESIGN Observational study. SETTING Two emergency departments, one rural and one urban, in New South Wales hospitals, between June and July 1999. PARTICIPANTS Twelve clinical staff(More)
A novel curvature-based steering control law is introduced to produce obstacle avoidance behavior for unicycle type robots traveling (flying) at constant speed. Different methods of curvature estimation from noisy range data are explored and compared via experiments. The performance of the obstacle avoidance algorithm is investigated through simulations and(More)
Prospective right hemidiaphragm navigator (NAV) is commonly used in free-breathing coronary MRI. The NAV results in an increase in acquisition time to allow for resampling of the motion-corrupted k-space data. In this study, we are presenting a joint prospective-retrospective NAV motion compensation algorithm called compressed-sensing motion compensation(More)
Access to the full text of the published version may require a subscription. Abstract: Damage detection and calibration in beams by wavelet analysis involve some key factors such as the damage model, the choice of the wavelet function, the effects of windowing and the effects of masking due to the presence of noise during measurement. A numerical study has(More)
—This paper considers the problem of passive local-ization of a RF emitter by exploiting the multipath interaction of the signal with the environment, as occurs in urban settings. The feasibility of localizing using times-of-arrival (TOA) of multipath components is examined. The primary contribution is a method to correctly associate measured TOA with(More)
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