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A case history is presented which records bronchospasm due to vecuronium. Immunological investigations, including basophil degranulation tests, indicated that the bronchospasm was not caused by direct histamine release and was not IgE mediated. It was of interest that intradermal testing gave a positive wheal response against neuromuscular agents other than(More)
To investigate the effect of dose and concentration of rectal methohexitone for induction of anaesthesia, 60 children (ASA physical status 1 or 2) undergoing outpatient surgery were studied. Each child was randomly assigned to receive one of three rectal solutions (each containing atropine 0.02 mg X kg-1): Group A - ten per cent methohexitone, 25 mg X kg-1(More)
Inherited prolongation of the Q-T interval is associated with syncopal attacks due to ventricular arrhythmias, which, if untreated, are often fatal at an early age. The condition is reviewed and the anaesthetic management of two patients with the syndrome presented. The importance of recognition of the syndrome and its treatment with beta-blockers is(More)
Twenty-six patients were anaesthetized with isoflurane (Forane) in oxygen using a completely closed-circuit breathing system to which liquid isoflurane was injected. The rate of injection was controlled to maintain the end-tidal concentration at a pre-set value (1.5% = 1.3 MAC). The rate of injection of anaesthetic was recorded and from the data the uptake(More)
The process of developing large-scale business critical software systems must boost the productivity both of the users and the developers of software, while at the same time responding flexibly to changing business requirements in the face of sharpening competition. Historically, these two forces were viewed as mutually hostile. Component-based software(More)
Disoprofol has been used to induce and, by continuous infusion, to maintain a light level of general anaesthesia in 100 patients undergoing surgery with the aid of a regional block. Its effects have been compared with 100 patients anaesthetised in a similar manner with Althesin. Disoprofol proved to be a very satisfactory agent for use by this method and(More)
Those who have used patterns are aware that this literary form, and its corresponding process and community support, is providing a way to capture best practices and communicate them throughout organizations and the entire software industry. However, many who have tried to introduce patterns (or any new idea) into their organizations have found it to be a(More)