Alan O'Callaghan

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Those who have used patterns are aware that this literary form, and its corresponding process and community support, is providing a way to capture best practices and communicate them throughout organizations and the entire software industry. However, many who have tried to introduce patterns (or any new idea) into their organizations have found it to be a(More)
Any ordinary panel member on an ordinary panel can sit up front and spout the same old stuff. The panelists for this event must be agile in the strictest sense of the word. Why? Because they will be asked to take a random position in response to questions from both the moderators and the audience. They must present their arguments in a timed two-minute(More)
Introduction The patterns presented below extend the ADAPTOR (Architectural and Patterns-based Techniques for Object Re-engineering) patterns for migrating large-scale legacy systems to object and component-based architectures. ADAPTOR emerged out of work which began, in collaboration with British Telecom, in 1993. The lessons learned were first crafted in(More)