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In this paper a novel GaAs Multi-Chip MMIC Video Amplifier is presented for gigabit passive optical network (GPON) fiber-to-the-home and fiber-to-the-building (FTTx) downstream cable communication systems. The video amplifier is composed of three dice: the first one is an input transimpedance amplifier (TIA), the second is an analog variable voltage(More)
  • Alan Noll
  • 2010 Asia-Pacific Microwave Conference
  • 2010
This paper presents a novel GaAs MMIC consisting of a switchable 8-way active splitter with a unique architecture using an amplifier in a 2-way active splitter topology and a default-on double pole double throw switch targeted for broadband gateway applications. The part exhibits 1.0 dB gain, 4.5 dB noise figure, and low distortion on each of the eight(More)
A GaAs MMIC consisting of a switchable three way active splitter with a novel unpowered default on loop through path targeted for ENERGY STAR rated CATV broadband systems is presented. The part exhibits 3.0 dB gain, 4.5 dB noise figure, and low distortion on each of the three outputs across the 50 to 1000 MHz band under normal operation. When the part is(More)
Radar and radio receivers must be capable of surviving high power incident signals without incurring damage to power sensitive components while allowing the receiver to function under normal operating conditions. In this investigation a FET based two stage limiter with a threshold detector was designed and manufactured on a 0.5 um pHEMT GaAs process. The(More)
High linearity, high gain and wide frequency bandwidth are key parameters for amplifiers used for broadband systems where distortion levels define the architecture of the network. Amplifiers with high output third order intercept points require a flat transconductance curve versus the gate voltage. The surface states between the GaAs and the nitride(More)
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