Alan Nemeth

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The analysis of morphological, behavioural and genetic characters of whiskered bats revealed a new European bat species within the family Vespertilionidae. We describe the morphology, karyology, genetic similarity, ecology and distribution of Myotis alcathoe n. sp. It closely resembles Myotis mystacinus, Myotis brandtii and Myotis ikonnikovi in morphology,(More)
There is a significant number of IT failures per year because parts fail, products are used in ways they were not designed for, and humans make errors in using products. These failures result in incidents that product vendors service as a part of the warranty or contracts. Incidents incur significant costs for servicing them, including call centers, parts,(More)
We prepared this description of the X.25 link access protocol for a commercial packet-switching network installation in which we participated. Our goal was to provide the network's users with a version of the link access procedures specification which was easier to read and understand than the X.25 specification documents available at the time. No attempt(More)
e13039 Background: Only 3-5% of new cancer pts participate in clinical trials, often resulting in prolonged trial completion timelines, and delays in the availability of effective treatment to pts. Barriers to pt accrual include physician awareness and attitudes, access to protocols, administrative burdens to conduct clinical trials, cost to physicians and(More)
Point of care molecular diagnostics benefits from a portable battery-operated device capable of performing a fast turnaround using reliable inexpensive cartridges. We describe a prototype device for performing a molecular diagnostics test for clinical and biodefense samples in 16 minutes using a prototype capable of an 8 minute PCR reaction, followed by(More)
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