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Information visualization can play an important role for exploring model sensitivity to facilitate decision making under uncertainty. It provides a means for graphically exploring the relationships between the output and the inputs of a model and to determine how " sensitive " a model is to changes in the values of the input. The literature shows how(More)
Introduction As freight transport connects companies to their customers, effective transport operations can enhance the delivery of customer value. Supply chain uncertainty, in the form of disturbances and disruptions, is an inhibitor to the effective management and control of these transport operations (Mason-Jones & Towill 1998). Some of this instability(More)
Informed decisions are based on the availability of information and the ability of decision-makers to manipulate this information. More often than not, the decision-relevant information is subject to uncertainty arising from different sources. Consequently, decisions involve an undeniable amount of risk. An effective visualisation tool to support informed(More)
Software to display DNA sequences is a crucial tool for bioinformatics research. This study examined techniques for navigating large DNA sequences via panning and zooming. This involved surveying the navigation facilities of current bioinformatics applications and performing a heuristic analysis on the most common interface controls found. Several(More)
A survey of employers in New Zealand was undertaken to test the expectation that new graduate employees will possess a good level of computing skills given they have completed a university qualification. We are now in a time where a series of generic skills are required of any graduate entering the workforce. These generic type skills include good(More)