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Exchange members claim that the professional relationships that evolve on exchange floors yield benefits not easily duplicated by an anonymous exchange mechanism. We show that longstanding relationships between brokers and specialists can mitigate the effects of asymmetric information. Moreover. a specialist who actively attempts to differentiate between(More)
This paper asks whether the apparent impact of governance structure and incentive-based compensation on firm performance stands up when measured performance is adjusted for the effects of earnings management. Institutional ownership of shares, institutional investor representation on the board of directors, and the presence of independent outside directors(More)
This paper examines whether corporate governance mechanisms affect earnings management at the largest publicly traded bank holding companies in the United States. We find that the use of discretionary loan loss provisions is positively related to a bank’s unmanaged cash flow returns, capital ratios, and asset size. In contrast, the use of discretionary loan(More)
BACKGROUND The accuracy and efficacy of the Medtronic Diabetes (Northridge, CA) Real-Time (RT)-Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) sensor were analyzed in 72 subjects with type 1 diabetes. METHODS This was a retrospective analysis of 60,050 temporally paired data points (sensor and glucose meter values) obtained during the course of an outpatient(More)
ABSTRACT: It is well known that an unbiased forecast of the final value of a portfolio requires compounding at the arithmetic mean return over the investment horizon. However, the maximum likelihood practice, common with academics, of compounding at the estimated mean return, produces upward biased and highly inefficient estimates of long-term expected(More)
The classic gold standard for detecting amyloid deposits is Congo red-stained bright field and polarized microscopy (CRPM). A prior study showed that Congo red fluorescence (CRF) microscopy had increased sensitivity compared with traditional CRPM when analyzing fat pad specimens. The purpose of the current study was to determine the sensitivity of CRF for(More)
We show that a pattern of earnings management in bank financial statements has little bearing on downside risk during quiet periods, but seems to have a big impact during a financial crisis. Banks demonstrating more aggressive earnings management prior to 2007 exhibit substantially higher stock market risk once the financial crisis begins as measured by the(More)
In a dose-response study, degraded carrageenan (Eucheuma spinosum) was supplied in the drinking fluid at 1.2 and 3% concentrations over two weeks to young adult guinea-pigs. Ulceration of the large bowel was produced in 100% of animals, the severity and extent of damage probably being dose-related. In a time-course study, 3% degraded carrageenan solution(More)