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Receptive-field organization of cells in the cat's striate cortex and lateral geniculate nucleus (LGN) was investigated by using bars of light as stimuli. The aim was to determine if differences occur between conditions of high and low luminance levels. Of 72 cortical cells studied, the receptive fields of 63 were clearly different at high compared with low(More)
Intraocular recordings were made from the retinal ganglion cells of small (~40 mm) and large (> 14Omm) intact paralyzed. submerged goldfish to determine how the size of their receptive field centers is influenced by the 25fold increase in retinal magnification factor which accompanies growth. The angular subtense of the centers was only slightly smaller in(More)
Small circular spots of light were focussed on otherwise unilluminated retinas of paralyzed fish. C~c~~~rnu bi~e~~tu~ The retinas were sub~uently examined histolo~cally, and a small circular region was found within which the cones and pigmented retinal epithelium were photomechanically tight adapted; rods could not be resolved. The same result was obtained(More)
While simultaneous acquisition of electrocardiography (ECG) data during MRI is a widely used clinical technique, the effects of the MRI environment on impedance cardiography (ICG) data have not been characterized. We collected echo planar MRI scans while simultaneously recording ECG and thoracic impedance using carbon fiber electrodes and customized(More)
intraocular recordings were made from retinal ganglion ceils of small (~40 mm) and large (> 140 mm) intact, submerged goldfish while stimuli were presented on a tangent screen. Very few cells recorded in either small or large fish responded selectively to direction of stimulus movement, suggesting that this property is first processed more centrally. Color(More)
The proposed Physiological Signal Processing Laboratory incorporates important new concepts to further its utility as a vehicle for biomedical engineering educational use. The Laboratory incorporates the physical construction, testing and analysis of eight signal processing circuit modules, introduced as lessons. Each module can be characterized through(More)
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