Alan M. Wood

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OBJECTIVE To establish reference ranges for thyroid length, breadth, depth, and volume in healthy term Scottish infants. DESIGN Prospective observational study of 100 (49 male) neonates. Length, breadth, and depth were measured, and the volume of each lobe was calculated using the formula for a prolate ellipsoid (volume = length x breadth x depth x pi/6).(More)
The phagocyte NADPH oxidase is a multicomponent enzyme complex mediating microbial killing. We find that NADPH oxidase p47(phox)-deficient (p47(phox-/-)) chronic granulomatous disease (CGD) mice develop lymph node hyperplasia even without obvious infection, where increased number of T and B lymphocytes is associated with increased percent of naïve cells and(More)
Forkhead box O3a (FOXO3a) transcription factor is regulated by complex post-translational modifications that allow for transcriptional control of various apoptosis factors including pro-apoptotic Bim. Although it has been shown that kinases phosphorylate FOXO3a in memory T cells, the role of protein phosphatases in the control of memory T lymphocyte FOXO3a(More)
The ‘predicated’ forms of the LINDA in and rd primitives have given problems for both kernel implementors and LINDA formalists. This paper firstly analyses these problems and then proposes a precise semantics for inp which is both reasonable, in that it does not admit unexpected or useless implementations, and implementable for open distributed tuple-space(More)
Several attempts have been made to produce a (generally adopted) semantics for the generative communication coordination language Linda. However, none has been universally recognised as deenitive. Therefore, there are various possible interpretations regarding the semantics of Linda operations. This report presents a survey of a variety of those attempts to(More)
Case based reasoning (CBR) retrieval operations with partial ordering similarity measures have been implemented in LINDA to extract generic operations and identify potential parallelism in CBR. Mapping and reduction operations, and constraint matching versions of all retrieval operations were identified, then implemented in LINDA. Their operational(More)
Private and secure communications can be vital for certain applications, for example secure bidding, e-commerce, and online bank transactions. However, it is impossible to carry out private conversations in the open tuple-space model, despite it being a popular coordination model for distributed, heterogeneous systems, where agents can communicate via a(More)