Alan M. Turing

1Herbert Simon
1Arcy Thompson
1Massimo Piattelli
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Asynchronous circuit design is a beautiful application area for any formalism that can reason about parallelism. By means of two small, but challenging, exercises we illustrate the similarities and diierences between parallel program and asynchronous circuit design. The exercises are simple to state and have many solutions, which are sometimes surprisingly(More)
I wholeheartedly endorse one central idea in this book and the motivation behind it. Eva Jablonka and Marion J. Lamb (henceforth J&L) make it very clear that a multiplicity of stunning advances in biology and in evolutionary theory in the last several years have so completely reshaped the standard neo-Darwinian picture that, indeed, cognitive scientists(More)
In the introduction to this anthology , Boden defines the philosophy of AI broadly " as the science of intelligence in general—or, more accurately , as the intellectual core of cognitive science. " Through this comprehensive definition, she embraces the definitional extremes, including those that traditionally view AI " as the study of how to build and/or(More)
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