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Pure-tone and speech most-comfortable-loudness (MCL) levels were determined in noise and quiet. A Bekesy-type tracking task was used to determine the MCLs under all conditions. The subjects (N = 12) tracked their MCLs for five frequencies (250, 500, 1000, 20008, and 4000 Hz) in the presence of four white-noise levels (55, 65, 75, and 85 dB SPL) and in(More)
The death of a patient from cardiopulmonary arrest after the administration of magnesium sulphate for imminent eclampsia is reported. It has long been recognized that magnesium sulphate provides rapid control of convulsions in eclamptic patients with minimal sedative effects on both mother and fetus. However, because of the neuromuscular blocking action of(More)
Malaria is a potentially lethal disease. In pregnancy its deleterious effects are aggravated by the depressed immune state. Every pregnant patient presenting with pyrexia of unknown origin should be screened for malarial parasites, especially if she has travelled to or come from an area in which malaria is endemic. Case histories of 2 pregnant women with(More)
Labetalol (Trandate; Allen & Hanburys), a combined alpha- and beta-adrenergic blocking agent, was compared with the more commonly used peripheral vasodilator, dihydrallazine (Nepresol; Ciba), each administered as an infusion, in the treatment of severe hypertension in 20 primigravidas at greater than or equal to 32 weeks' gestation. With the dosage regimen(More)
Of the many complications which may develop after eclamptic seizures, prolonged unconsciousness is one of the most difficult for obstetricians to manage as the pathophysiology of this condition remains largely unknown. Computed axial tomography (CT scan) was performed on 20 unconscious eclamptic patients, and autopsy was obtained on an additional two(More)
Forty-three women with neurological complications secondary to eclampsia or severe pre-eclampsia were studied by CT scanning and in six intracranial pressure (ICP) monitoring was carried out. In seven women who died, neuropathological findings were correlated with clinical features. Cerebral oedema was present in 27 of the patients studied and the severity(More)
The effect of masking noise on the temporal summation of loudness is investigated here by performing loudness balances between a standard 500-msec tone burst (1000 Hz at either 20-, 50-, or 80-dB SPL) and either masked or unmasked comparison tone bursts (1000 Hz with durations between 10 and 640 msec). In all but two instances, the obtained functions(More)
Context. The 6.7 GHz methanol maser marks an early stage of high–mass star formation, but the origin of this maser is currently a matter of debate. In particular it is unclear whether the maser emission arises in discs, outflows or behind shocks running into rotating molecular clouds. Aims. We investigate which structures the methanol masers trace in the(More)