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Seroepidemiological monitoring of population immunity to vaccine-preventable diseases is critical to prevent future outbreaks. Dried blood spots (DBS), drops of capillary blood dried on filter paper, are an affordable, minimally invasive alternative to venipuncture for collecting blood in field settings. However, few proven methods exist to analyze DBS for(More)
The application of output value analysis, a type of benefit/cost analysis, to a psychiatric patient population is reported. A method for discounting the value of the program if a patient was readmitted within a year after discharge was introduced. The application of this discount factor reduces the value produced by the program and thereby reduces both(More)
OBJECTIVES This study aims to validate a modified dried blood spot (DBS)-based glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1c) assay protocol, after a pretest in India showed poor correlation between the original DBS-based protocol and venous results. METHODS The original protocol was tested on different chemistry analyzers and then simplified at the University of(More)
Three alternative methods for obtaining anticipated resource utilization information for comprehensive mental health centers are proposed. The methods differ on two dimensions, sample selection and statistical technique. Using an admission cohort rather than a discharge cohort and eliminating patients who terminated treatment against medical advice(More)
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