Alan M Plumeau

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The cerebellum is a critical sensorimotor structure that exhibits protracted postnatal development in mammals. Many aspects of cerebellar circuit development are activity dependent, but little is known about the nature and sources of the activity. Based on previous findings in 6-day-old rats, we proposed that myoclonic twitches, the spontaneous movements(More)
The development of the cerebellar system depends in part on the emergence of functional connectivity in its input and output pathways. Characterization of spontaneous activity within these pathways provides insight into their functional status in early development. In the present study we recorded extracellular activity from the interpositus nucleus (IP)(More)
Patients with REM sleep behavior disorder (RBD) exhibit increased muscle tone and exaggerated myoclonic twitching during REM sleep. In addition, violent movements of the limbs, and complex behaviors that can sometimes appear to involve the enactment of dreams, are associated with RBD. These behaviors are widely thought to result from a dysfunction involving(More)
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