Alan M Langlieb

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OBJECTIVE To quantify the negative impact that major depressive disorder (MDD) has on quality of life, disability, and work, family, and overall psychosocial functioning. Available scales that assess these areas of impairment as they relate to patients with MDD are described. DATA SOURCES PUBMED SEARCHES WERE CONDUCTED USING THE FOLLOWING TERMS: (MDD OR(More)
OBJECTIVE We sought to describe the physical and mental health effects of the cleanup and recovery effort on workers at the World Trade Center disaster site. METHODS A mailed survey was sent to truck drivers, heavy equipment operators, laborers, and carpenters. It assessed work-related exposures and somatic and mental health symptoms. In one open-ended(More)
OBJECTIVES To quantify the time women physicians spend on continuing medical education (CME) in total and by type of activity and to assess the impact of various demographic and professional characteristics on CME practices. METHODS We analyzed CME habits among 4501 female physicians (a 59% response rate) using a 1994 national questionnaire-based survey,(More)
OBJECTIVE We describe the etiology of clinical forms of depression and their interaction with workplace factors. METHODS We performed selective literature searches in pertinent research areas and reviewed the literature in the context of clinical experience in several depression programs at Johns Hopkins. RESULTS Substantial research exists about the(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify differences in anterior chamber anatomy among patients with asymmetric pigment dispersion syndrome and no other discernible cause for the asymmetry. METHODS Ultrasound biomicroscopy and A-scan biometry were performed on both eyes of 13 patients with asymmetric pigment dispersion syndrome without a known cause for asymmetric(More)
It may be said that the field of emergency/disaster mental health is a mental health subspecialization that continues, even today, to quantitatively expand and qualitatively evolve. For this evolutionary process to continue successfully, greater sophistication must be realized both tactically, as well as strategically. This paper reviews the evolving nature(More)
OBJECTIVE Employers provide most American mental health benefits and are increasingly cost conscious. However, commonplace anxiety and depressive disorders have enormous economic and workplace performance costs. METHODS We performed multiple literature searches on several areas of pertinent research (and on key articles) covering the past 5 years. (More)
A case of spontaneous internal jugular vein thrombosis associated with distant malignancy is presented. This unusual manifestation of a hypercoagulable state was associated with a low-grade epithelioid leiomyosarcoma of the omentum. It was discovered on a gynecologic oncology service in a patient explored for a pelvic abdominal mass.
Incidents of school and workplace violence are rare but devastating events that can result in significant psychological consequences in communities. The majority of people in the United States will experience some type of traumatic event in their lifetime, but most of them will have no disruption or only transient disruption in functioning. They are either(More)
Considerable literature exists on surveillance for medical effects of responses to a disaster but there is a dearth of information on conducting surveillance of behavioral health effects for first responders. This article reviews the literature and rationale behind behavioral health surveillance in the context of medical surveillance of first responders,(More)