Alan M. Kenwright

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Fluorine-19 magnetic resonance methods offer advantages for molecular or cellular imaging in vivo due to the absence of radioactivity, lack of naturally occurring background signal, and the ability to easily combine measurements with anatomical MRI. Previous studies have shown that (19) F-MRI sensitivity is limited to millimolar concentrations by slow(More)
The construction of lanthanide(III) chelates that exhibit superior photophysical properties holds great importance in biological and materials science. One strategy to increase the luminescence properties of lanthanide(III) chelates is to hinder competitive non-radiative decay processes through perfluorination of the chelating ligands. Here, the synthesis(More)
Yb⋅DTMA forms a ternary complex with fluoride in aqueous solution by displacement of a bound solvent molecule from the lanthanide ion. [Yb⋅DTMA⋅F](2+) and [Yb⋅DTMA⋅OH2 ](3+) are in slow exchange on the relevant NMR timescale (<2000 s(-1) ), and profound differences are observed in their respective NMR and EPR spectra of these species. The observed(More)
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