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The discovery of the Huntington's disease (HD) gene has provided the impetus to determine the association between the triplet repeat sequences and clinical manifestations of the disease. The present study is directed toward determining the relationship between the triplet repeat sequences and severity of the neurodegenerative process. Nineteen HD postmortem(More)
Stanford's two decades of success in linking medical informatics and health services research in both training and investigational activities reflects advantageous geography and history as well as natural synergies in the two areas. Health services research and medical informatics at Stanford have long shared a quantitative, analytic orientation, along with(More)
BACKGROUND The optimal community-level approach to control pandemic influenza is unknown. METHODS We estimated the health outcomes and costs of combinations of 4 social distancing strategies and 2 antiviral medication strategies to mitigate an influenza pandemic for a demographically typical US community. We used a social network, agent-based model to(More)
A lthough countries around the world are grappling with the problem of rising health expenditures, the United States has reason for particular concern. Americans are dissatisfied with their healthcare system (Schoen et al., 2007) but also spend more than the citizens of other nations: 15 percent of GDP on health care in 2006, compared to 11 percent in(More)
Research on aging has indicated that whereas deliberative cognitive processes decline with age, emotional processes are relatively spared. To examine the implications of these divergent trajectories in the context of health care choices, we investigated whether instructional manipulations emphasizing a focus on feelings or details would have differential(More)
In the United States, health care technology has contributed to rising survival rates, yet health care spending relative to GDP has also grown more rapidly than in any other country. We develop a model of patient demand and supplier behavior to explain these parallel trends in technology growth and cost growth. We show that health care productivity depends(More)
BACKGROUND The appropriate roles for several diagnostic tests for coronary disease are uncertain. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the cost-effectiveness of alternative approaches to diagnosis of coronary disease. DESIGN Meta-analysis of the accuracy of alternative diagnostic tests plus decision analysis to assess the health outcomes and costs of alternative(More)
Dictionaries of biomedical concepts (e.g. diseases , medical treatments) are critical source of background knowledge for systems doing biomedical information retrieval, extraction, and automated discovery. However, the rapid pace of biomedical research and the lack of constraints on usage ensure that such dictionaries are incomplete. Focusing on medical(More)
Quality-adjustment weights for health states are an essential component of cost-utility analysis (CUA). Quality-adjustment weights are obtained by presenting large numbers of subjects with multiattribute descriptions of health states for rating. Comprehending multiattribute health states is a difficult task for most respondents. The authors hypothesized(More)
OBJECTIVES The authors evaluate a measure of the validity of utility elicitations and study the potential effects of invalid elicitations on population utility values. METHODS The authors used a computerized survey to describe and measure preferences for three common side-effects of anti-psychotic drugs (tardive dyskinesia [TD], akathesia [AKA],(More)