Alan M Edelson

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Scientific journals that are owned by a learned society, like the Journal of Neurochemistry (JNC), which is owned by the International Society for Neurochemistry (ISN), benefit the scientific community in that a large proportion of the income is returned to support the scientific mission of the Society. The income generated by the JNC enables the ISN to(More)
OK. I feel like a long distance runner—the English Department’s most senior, no wait a minute, longest-at-LaGuardia faculty member (there are a minute few older in years than I). I came to LaGuardia in the Winter Quarter of 1971. (We had a quarter system then and for about 20 years. Four quarters—ten weeks in each quarter. Each period 70 minutes long.)(More)
1. FDNB increased by 60-90% the depolarization of the end-plate produced by applied carbachol in frog sciatic nerve-sartorius muscle preparations.2. In partially curarized preparations, FDNB (0.4 mM) increased the amplitude of the end-plate potential by a factor of 1.8.3. The quantal content of end-plate potentials was increased by FDNB (2 mM) as determined(More)
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