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The influence of human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) strain variation on neutralizing antibody titers was investigated in sequential sera obtained from 12 organ transplant recipients (11 renal transplant recipients, 1 liver transplant patient) suffering from primary or secondary HCMV infection. Cross-neutralization assays using either the international HCMV(More)
BACKGROUND Heightened central sympathetic nervous outflow is common in essential hypertension, contributing to hypertension development and possibly also to complications. Acute sympathetic nervous activation is a proven trigger for adverse cardiovascular events. Accordingly, antihypertensive drugs inhibiting sympathetic outflow represent a theoretically(More)
The prognosis of peritoneal spread from gastrointestinal cancer and subsequent malignant ascites is poor, and current medical treatments available are mostly ineffective. Targeted chemotherapy with intraperitoneal prodrug activation may be a beneficial new approach. L293 cells were genetically modified to express the cytochrome P450 enzyme 2B1 under the(More)
Rapid Chelex extraction combined with an automated hybridization assay for the detection of PCR-amplified human cytomegalovirus DNA from cerebrospinal fluid was established. Quantitation of DNA was performed with a plasmid being used as an external standard. The detection limit was 10 copies per microliter. Quantitative detection of human cytomegalovirus(More)
Schematic presentation of NTRK1 protein structure. Variants identified in this study are shown in red and previously reported variants associated with CIPA are shown in black (LRM, leucine rich motif; Ig, immunoglobulin-like domain; TM, transmembrane domain; TK, tyrosine kinase domain).
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