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The Drosophila genome encodes a protein that is 68% identical to Drosophila calmodulin (Cam). We show here that this Cam-related gene is specifically expressed in the germ-line of the testis, leading to the name Androcam (Acam). Early in spermatogenesis Acam accumulates on one of the chromatin loops of the Y chromosome, kl-3. This association with kl-3 may(More)
 The expression of the Drosophila calmodulin (CAM) gene is surprisingly complex. The nervous system, which shows intense transcription in embryogenesis, contains no detectable transcripts at the end of larval life, but becomes transcriptionally active again at pupariation. The gut shows high levels of expression throughout the life cycle, except during(More)
The known roles for calcium-binding proteins in developmental signaling pathways are reviewed. Current information on the calcium-binding characteristics of three classes of cell-surface developmental signaling proteins (EGF-domain proteins, cadherins and integrins) is presented together with an overview of the intra-cellular pathways downstream of these(More)
While the cost-per-click (CPC) pricing model is main stream in sponsored search, the quality of clicks with respect to conversion rates and hence their values to advertisers may vary considerably from publisher to publisher in a large syndication network. Traffic quality shall be used to establish price discounts for clicks from different publishers. These(More)
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