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Continuous analytics systems that enable query processing over steams of data have emerged as key solutions for dealing with massive data volumes and demands for low latency. These systems have been heavily influenced by an assumption that data streams can be viewed as sequences of data that arrived more or less in order. The reality, however, is that(More)
Modern data analysis applications driven by the Network Effect are pushing traditional database and data warehousing technologies beyond their limits due to their massively increasing data volumes and demands for low latency. To address this problem, we advocate an integrated query processing approach that runs SQL continuously and incrementally over data(More)
HIV testing is mandatory for individuals wishing to immigrate to Canada. Since the Designated Medical Practitioners (DMPs) who perform these tests may have varying experience in HIV and time constraints in their clinical practices, there may be variability in the quality of pre- and posttest counseling provided. We surveyed DMPs regarding HIV testing,(More)
The objectives of this study were to establish the neurophysiological properties of the transpinal evoked potentials (TEPs) following transcutaneous electric stimulation of the spine (tsESS) over the cervicothoracic region, changes in the amplitude of the TEPs preceded by median nerve stimulation at group I threshold, and the effects of tsESS on the flexor(More)
The Greater Involvement of People Living with HIV/AIDS Principle (GIPA) has been a core commitment for many people involved in the community-based HIV/AIDS movement. GIPA refers to the inclusion of people living with HIV/AIDS in service delivery and decision-making processes that affect their lives. Despite its central importance to the movement, it has(More)
Investigation on the mental health of HIV-positive immigrants is severely limited. We examine the independent and combined effects of HIV symptom and coping resources on depressive symptoms among HIV-positive immigrants (n = 259). Ordinary Least Squares regression models were estimated with data from a survey of clinical and social-psychological outcomes in(More)
Solar car race competitions offer realistic conditions to test and demonstrate the state-of-the-art technologies in multidisciplinary fields. In such races the solar panels mounted on the car produce the energy required to power the vehicle. A simulator runs during the race determines the optimal race speed based on the predicted availability of solar(More)
The purpose of this study is to determine the relationship between the psychosocial work environment and labor market experiences (including unemployment) on mental health among adults living with HIV. We used data provided by 538 participants at clinical and community sites across Ontario, Canada. Generalized estimating equation models showed that(More)
As people living with HIV/AIDS (PHAs) achieve more stable health, many have taken on active peer support and professional roles within AIDS service organizations. Although the increased engagement has been associated with many improved health outcomes, emerging program and research evidence have identified new challenges associated with such transition.(More)