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Making native space: colonialism, resistance, and reserves in British Columbia
Making native space: colonialism, resistance, and reserves in British Columbia by Cole Harris. Vancouver: University of British Columbia Press, 2002, 415 pp, £22.95 paperback ISBN 0 7748 0901 9.
Colonization and the Origins of Humanitarian Governance: Protecting Aborigines across the Nineteenth-Century British Empire
How did those responsible for creating Britain's nineteenth-century settler empire render colonization compatible with humanitarianism? Avoiding a cynical or celebratory response, this book takesExpand
'Otherness' and the Frontiers of Empire: The Eastern Cape Colony, 1806-c.1850
Postcolonial analyses of the construction of ‘otherness’ have enabled an enhanced appreciation of the cultural dynamics of imperialism. However, some postcolonial work has been characterized by anExpand
Colonial Networks, Australian Humanitarianism and the History Wars
The ‘History Wars’ have brought contests among Britons over the colonisation of Aboriginal land and people to the forefront of public consciousness in Australia. These contests, however, were theExpand
South Africa, Past, Present and Future
This is the first book to combine a discussion of post-apartheid development initiatives with an extended historical analysis of South Africa's dynamic race, class, gender and ethnic identities.Expand
Colonial Lives Across the British Empire: Imperial Careering in the Long Nineteenth Century
Introduction: Imperial spaces, imperial subjects David Lambert and Alan Lester 1. Gregor MacGregor: clansman, conquistador and colonizer on the fringes of the British Empire Matthew Brown 2. AExpand
Imperial Networks: Creating Identities in Nineteenth-Century South Africa and Britain
Imperial Networks investigates the discourses and practices of British colonialism. It reveals how British colonialism in the Eastern Cape region was informed by, and itself informed, imperial ideasExpand
Masculinity, ‘race’, and family in the colonies: protecting Aborigines in the early nineteenth century
Much of British imperial society in the early nineteenth century was characterised by a reformulated sensibility of manliness and family. Integral to this sensibility was the notion of men'sExpand
Geographies of colonial philanthropy
Through an examination of the material and imaginative geographies of colonial philanthropy in parts of the British Empire from the late eighteenth century to the midnineteenth century, this paperExpand