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ion by human infants. Cognition, 36, 97-128.<lb>Stephens, D. & Krebs, J. (I 986). Foraging theory. Princeton, NJ:<lb>Princeton University Press.<lb>Talmy, L. (1988). Force dynamics in language and cognition.<lb>Cognitive Science, 12, 49-100.<lb>Tooby, J. & Cosmides, L. (1992). Ecological rationality and the multimodular mind: Grounding normative theories in(More)
Recent work investigating the biological and cognitive nature of autism is reviewed. The hypothesis that autistic individuals suffer from a specific impairment in theory of mind, and the relevance of this notion to the diagnosis of Asperger's syndrome, is discussed. Theory of mind explanations of autism must account for the minority of autistic subjects who(More)
Electrical fuse (eFUSE) has become a popular choice to enable memory redundancy, chip identification and authentication, analog device trimming, and other applications. We will review the evolution and applications of electrical fuse solutions for 180 nm to 45 nm technologies at IBM, and provide some insight into future uses in 32 nm technology and beyond(More)
The authors report an experiment with children with autism, using the Dias & Harris (1990) method, to test the predictions that: (i) children with autism will show intact counterfactual reasoning, and (ii) since such children are impaired in pretence, they would not then show the normal facilitation effect of pretence on counterfactual reasoning ability.(More)
The relationship between language and thought has resurfaced as a vibrant and hotly debated topic in recent research in linguistics, psychology and philosophy of mind. Especially within developmental cognitive science, much experimental and theoretical work has started looking at interrelations between purely linguistic and broader conceptual contributions(More)
Agricultural drainageditches are artiÞcial structures used to optimize soil hydrology for crop production and secondarily have been co-opted as a tool tomanage the quality of water draining from agricultural lands. We investigated the relationship between the aquatic macroinvertebrate community and environmental variables associated with physical and(More)
It is now 27 years since the publication of the first article testing whether children with autism have a theory of mind (in 1985). The original study by my colleagues Alan Leslie and Uta Frith and I found that some 80% of children with autism failed this test that most typical children of 4 years old could pass. It concluded that this could not be(More)