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Direct slicing of CAD models to generate process planning instructions for solid freeform fabrication may overcome inherent disadvantages of using stereolithography format in terms of the process accuracy, ease of file management, and incorporation of multiple materials. This paper will present the results of our development of a direct slicing algorithm(More)
Concurrent Engineering (CE) has attracted more attention in recent years regarding its reducing the time to market, cutting down the total cost, and improving quality. As a new concept and methodology, CE has not been widely implemented in industry, research and engineering education yet. This paper describes a newly developed CE course which employs the(More)
CorreCtion It has come to the attention of the authors that in their Report, " Evaluation of candidate biomarkers to predict cancer cell sensitivity or resistance to PARP-1 inhibitor treatment, " in the October 15, 2012 issue of Cell Cycle, an important source of funding was omitted.
  • Alan Lau
  • 2005
In the short time since its elucidation, RNA interference (RNAi) has quickly emerged as the premier tool in which to study gene function. RNAi provides a simple and predictable yet extremely powerful and specific method in which to knock down gene expression in virtually any cell type or whole organism. The major advance in RNAi technology, particularly for(More)
The indentation process of pressing a Rockwell diamond indenter into inelastic material has been studied to provide a means for the analysis, simulation and prediction of Rockwell hardness tests. The geometrical characteristics of the spheroconical-shaped Rockwell indenter are discussed and fit to a general function in a self-similar way. The complicated(More)
ii DEDICATION To mom for giving me a dream and making it come true To wife for love and encouragement iii ACKNOWLEDGMENTS It has been a great pleasure working with the faculty, staff, and students at Drexel University during my tenure as a doctoral student. This work would never have been possible if it were not for the freedom I was given to pursue my own(More)
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