Alan Larson

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Development of complex software applications in image guided therapy (IGT) is often complicated by the fact that providing basic functionality for image processing and user interaction from a graphical user interfaces (GUI) requires considerable manpower for software development. We present a programming environment that combines the high-level image(More)
Medical volumetric imaging requires high fidelity, high performance rendering algorithms. We motivate and analyze new volumetric rendering algorithms that are suited to modern parallel processing architectures. First, we describe the three major categories of volume rendering algorithms and confirm through an imaging scientist-guided evaluation that(More)
We performed a genomic study combining single-cell mRNA differential display and RNA subtractive hybridization to elucidate CD8 T-cell quiescence/ignorance. By comparing actively maintained quiescent CD8 T cells from liver tumour tumour-infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs) with quiescent T cells at the single-cell level, we identified differentially expressed(More)
BACKGROUND The major difficulty of mapping parallel gene expression obtained from solid tumors is mainly due to contaminating cells. In this study, by applying a strategy of parallel gene expression at a cell-cluster or colony level, we have identified the gene expression pattern of T cells within tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes (TJLs) obtained from two(More)
In some respects, the lung is an anatomical bog - having limited referential landmarks. Nonetheless, precise understanding of the abnormalities that inflict this organ is crucial to effective clinical diagnosis and treatment. However, wading interactively through a three-dimensional scan of the lung poses a visual quagmire to the radiologist, resulting in(More)
Who could have imagined that research on a little known bacterial plant pathogen, which causes a disease called " crown gall, " would revolutionize the future of agriculture? Yet that is what happened. In the early 1980s, research on the plant pathogen Agrobacterium led to the first successful and dependable genetic engineering system for crops. Since then(More)
1 Food security exists in a country when all people at all times have the food they need for an active and healthy life. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, FAO: What It Is — What It Does (2002), wmain-e.htm. Poverty and food insecurity are inextricably linked. Poverty is a prime cause of many people's food(More)
my wonderful husband iv ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS During my time at Georgia Tech, I have received support from too many people to list them all. I am deeply grateful to everyone who has encouraged and aided me. However, there are certain professors, colleagues, friends, and family members to whom I would like to individually express thanks. First, I would like to(More)
Sovereign wealth funds hold more than three trillion dollars' worth of investments, almost twice the amount in all the hedge funds worldwide. It is expected to go up to nine trillion by 2015. At the same time, sovereign wealth funds are relatively unregulated. The International Monetary Fund and the G7 aim to establish temporary and voluntary rules to(More)
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