Alan Larson

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Medical volumetric imaging requires high fidelity, high performance rendering algorithms. We motivate and analyze new volumetric rendering algorithms that are suited to modern parallel processing architectures. First, we describe the three major categories of volume rendering algorithms and confirm through an imaging scientist-guided evaluation that(More)
Development of complex software applications in image guided therapy (IGT) is often complicated by the fact that providing basic functionality for image processing and user interaction from a graphical user interfaces (GUI) requires considerable manpower for software development. We present a programming environment that combines the high-level image(More)
In some respects, the lung is an anatomical bog - having limited referential landmarks. Nonetheless, precise understanding of the abnormalities that inflict this organ is crucial to effective clinical diagnosis and treatment. However, wading interactively through a three-dimensional scan of the lung poses a visual quagmire to the radiologist, resulting in(More)
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