Alan Lam

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Objectives: The aim of this study was to perform saline sonovaginography (SVG) in women with suspected rectovaginal endometriosis (RVE) in order to establish the thickness of the rectovaginal septum (RVS) in this population and to predict the presence or absence of RVE. Methods: Prospective observational pilot study. Women undergoing laparoscopy for(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES To compare the use of patient-controlled analgesia to intermittent intramuscular injections of morphine following major gynecological laparoscopic procedures in order to assess differences in level of pain, sedation, episodes of nausea and/or vomiting, hospitalization time and patient satisfaction with their postoperative(More)
Hip pain is a common paediatric presentation and is potentially serious. While hip pain can be attributed to primary hip pathology, the hip area is also a common site for referred pain. This often poses a diagnostic challenge particularly in the young child who may not verbalise the point of pain and may not report an injury. Differential diagnoses for(More)
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