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Efficient Cultures: Exploring the Relationship between Culture and Organizational Performance.
We gratefully acknowledge the helpful comments of our colleagues, Kerry Patterson and Keith Warner, as well as the thoughtful comments of the editors of this special issue. This research wasExpand
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Better Stories, Not Better Constructs, To Generate Better Theory: A Rejoinder to Eisenhardt
In this article the authors discuss an article published in a pervious issue that presented an approach to building better theory through the use of case studies. Expand
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The creation of company cultures: The role of stories and human resource systems
This article shows how informally told stories and human resource systems help create strong company cultures which can support a corporate strategy. It explains why stories are so powerful inExpand
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Toward Culturally Sensitive Theories of Culture Change
Existing theories of culture change in organizations generally fail to take the nature of the culture to be changed into account. It is suggested here that different cultures may change throughExpand
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On Getting the Story Crooked (and Straight)
Without the stories, or narratives that organisations construct, there could be no social negotiation or sense making. A problem is that the narratives are often “too straight”, too simplistic andExpand
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For Successful Organization Culture, Honor Your Past
Recently an executive asked one of us to help him "install a new culture" in his company. He spoke about needed changes as though one could go to a culture cafeteria and pick the particular elementsExpand
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