Alan L. Montgomery

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Clickstream data provides information about the sequence of pages or the path viewed by users as they navigate a web site. We show how path information can be categorized and modeled using a dynamic multinomial probit model of web browsing. We estimate this model using data from a major online bookseller. Our results show that the memory component of the(More)
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A tool that consumers have for comparative shopping is the shopbot, which is short for shopping robot. These shopbots automatically search a large number of vendors for price and availability. Typically a shopbot searches a predefined set of vendors and reports all results, which can result in time-consuming searches that provide redundant or dominated(More)
Grocery retailers increasingly view other retail formats, particularly mass merchandisers, as a competitive threat. We present an empirical study of household shopping and packaged goods spending across retail formats — grocery stores, mass merchandisers, and drug stores. Our study considers competition between these formats and explores how retailer(More)
Recently fixed pricing and auctions have been brought together in a new pricing format that offers bidders the option of prematurely ending an auction at a fixed price. The growing popularity of auctions presents an interesting pricing decision for managers: whether to sell at a fixed price, in a regular auction, or through a buy-it-now auction. This paper(More)
The growth of Internet price search tools, notably shopbots, has reduced consumers’ search costs for price and some product characteristics. While a variety of analytic models predict that increased consumer search through shopbots will lower price levels among competing retailers, there is no consensus in the empirical literature as to whether price(More)