Alan L. Breed

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Ten patients with hypophosphatemic rickets (eight with X-linked familial form) were treated with vitamin D2 (10,000 to 75,000 units per day) and oral phosphate (1.5 to 3.6 gm) for a total of 438 treatment months. Therapy was then changed to calcitriol (17 to 34 ng/kg/day) and the same phosphate dose. Patients served as their own controls, and significant(More)
A typical case of congenital generalized fibromatosis (CGF) is presented and the literature on this entity is reviewed. CGF is a rare condition which is probably heritable. It is manifested in infancy. Because of the unusual biological behavior of the fibromata, two clinical courses occur--death, if vital viscera are involved, or regression of the lesions(More)
A method for interspinous segmental spinal instrumentation (ISSI) is described and the laboratory testing and early clinical results are reported. The method utilizes a button-wire implant that is passed through the thickest and strongest part of the base of the spinous process. Tension tests show the stress-relieving qualities of the implant improve(More)
Medical records of 59 patients with cerebral palsy were reviewed retrospectively to evaluate results of tendoachilles lengthening. Surgical lengthening resulted in highly significant (p < 0.0001) initial average gains in dorsiflexion compared with baseline. These average improvements maintained their statistical significance for seven years postoperatively.(More)
An instrument that measures pressures distribution during normal and unbalanced sitting was developed and tested. Analysis of the distribution of pressure during sitting in fifteen normal patients showed that approximately 18 per cent of the body weight is distributed over each ischial tuberosity; 21 per cent, over each thigh; and 5 per cent, over the(More)
We define the "bowstring" force of the iliopsoas, the force applied to the femoral head as the tendon angles across the hip joint, which we believe is an important cause of dislocation of the hip in patients with a midlumbar myelomeningocele. An operative procedure consisting of iliopsoas recession and suture of its tendon to the anterolateral hip joint(More)